Not traditional daily fantasy basketball – our platform is quicker and easier to use but with just as much fun and opportunity!
Our contests have clear structures and simple scoring systems, with no bot entries in the mix.

Level 1:
Click on any game to wager on who will be the leading scorer in that game!

– Make separate wagers on as many games as you like.
– Up to 5 separate wagers will be accepted for each game.


– All game times noted are EST. Games will be posted by 11am EST each day.
– Projected starters are denoted by a * and players with any type of injury that may affect availability or performance have their status noted in ( ). Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on these designations.
– The payout of the pool for each game will be divided up amongst all entrants whose selection was the leading scorer and in the ratio of ($ wagered by entrant on that player) / (Total $ wagered by all entrants on that player).
– If all wagers for a game are on the same player:
— if that player is the leading scorer, 100% of all wagers will be returned
— if that player is not the leading scorer, 80% of all wagers will be returned
– Any winnings will be paid out electronically within 72 hours via the electronic method that you choose.
– All entries will be tracked so that after year-end we can send you a summary of your total profit/loss, which you are responsible for applying appropriately to your annual income tax filing.
– By entering a contest you are attesting that you are at least 18 years of age and that you are using a credit card which belongs to you or you have been authorized to use by the owner of the card.